Names of counties of Ireland with map- text

Feature Irish original English form English
 place name
Irish name Translation
Mountain Sliabh Slieve Slieve Donard  
Domhanarts mountain
Hill Cnoc Knock Knockmore  
big hill
Beach Tr'a Tra Tranmore  
big beach
River Abhainn Aw or Owen Owenbeg  
little river
Field Achadh
(although there are many names for different types of field).)
Agha Aghabog Achadh Bhó Field of the
soft field
Lake Loch Lough Lough Eske  
fish lake
High ard Ard Ardara Ard an Rátha
Height of the Fort
Peak or Point beann Ban/Ben/bin Bengore Beann Gabhar
Peak of the Goats
(or mouth of a river)
baile Bally Ballybought Balie Bocht
Poor Homestead
Mouth of a river b'eal Bel Belfast B'eal Feirste
Mouth of the sandbank
Small beag beg Magherabeg Machaire Beag
Small plain
Ford 'ath Ath Athlone 'Ath Luain
Luans Ford
Bridge droichead Drohed Drogheda Droichead
bridge at the ford
church lands or place of sanctuary / refuge termon Termon Termonfeckin Tearmann Feich'in
Refuge of St Feichin
beach or stand tr'a, tr'aigh Tra Tramore Tr'a Mh'or
Big Beach
burial mound or mound tuaim Tuam Toomard Tuaim Ard
High Mound
red ruadh roe, rua(dh) Slieveroe Sliabh Rua
Red Mountain
old sean Shan Shankill Seanchill
old church
corner or nook cuil Cul-/Cool Coolgreany C'uil Ghr'eine nook of the Sun
church domhnach
(from the latin, domincum-church)
Dona Donaghpatrick Domhnach
rock carraig Carry/Carrick/Carrig Carrickmore Carraig Mhór Big Rock
hollow com/cúm Coom Coomnagoppul Com ng Capall Hollow of the
plot of land or tillage ceapach Capp Capparoe Ceapach Rua Red Plot of
marsh, bog or
Seiscenn Sheskin Seskinore Seisceann
Big Swamp
promontory (or
ros Ros-/Ross Rosmuck Ros Muc Pig Promontory
wood/grove (or
ros Ros-/Ross Roslea Ros Liath Grey Grove
fort ráth Rath-/Rah Raheny Ráth Eanaigh Fort of the
stronghold/fort or
landing place
port Port Portnoo Port Nua New Port
hole or pool poll Poll-/Poul Poulaphouca Poll an Phúca Pool of the
big or large mór/mhór -more mor Tullamore Tullach Mhór Big Hill
mill muileann Mullin Mullingar Muileann
Crooked Mill
summit mullach Mulla-/Mala Mullaghmore Mullach Mór Big Summit
ridge or hillock droim Drom-/Drum-/-
Dundrum Dún Droma Fort of the
island, strand or
water meadow
Inis Ennis or Inish Enniskillen Inis
Ceithle’s Island
gravel ridge eiscir Esk-/Eish Esker Eiscir Gravel Ridge
clear or white fionn Fin Finglas Fionnghlas White Stream
stream glas Glas Glasnevin Glas Naíon Stream of the
valley gleann Glen Glendalough Gleann dá
Valley of the
Two Loughs
church (or wood) cill Kill-/Kil Kildare Cill Dara Church of the
Oak Tree
wood (or church) coill Kil-/Kill Kilglass Coill Ghlas Green Wood
hillside leitir Letter Letterbrick Leitir Bruic Hillside of
ring fort lios Lis Lisnagarvey Lios na
Fort of the
lake loch Lough Loughrea Loch Ria Grey Lake
mountain pass mám Maum Maumturk Mám Tuirc Mountain Pass
plain machaire or maigh Magha-/Maga Magheraboy Machaire Buí Yellow Plain
plain May-/Moy Mayo Maigh Eo Plain of the