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Thomas Donaghan 14th foot
14th Buckinghamshire Regiment of Foot
service number 2979
Crimea war 1854-1855
John Donaghan  rhaanimated horse
Royal Horse Artillery   artillery driver
dob 1783, enlistment 1803, Antrim
campaign medal
Neopolanic Wars 1793 -1815
Hugh Donaghan rif
2nd Battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 27th & 108 Foot
service number 3343
India 1897
Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
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Terrence Donnaghan
2nd Battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 27th & 108 th Foot
service number 3721
India 1897-1898
Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
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John Donnaghan

East Lancashire Regiment 30th & 59th Foot
30th& 59th foot
dob 1801, enlisted 1819, Monaghan
service number 135
John Donaghan East Lancashire Regiment 30th  & 59th Foot
30th& 59th foot
dob 1820, enlisted 1835, Derry
service number 1505
John Donaghan
 30th foot
30th Cambridshire Regiment of Foot
discharge age 23 Londonderry

service 1838-1843
John Donaghan  34th & 55th foot
34th & 55th Border Regiment of Foot
M Donaghan 35th foot
1st battalion, 35 th Royal Sussex Regiment of Foot
service number 398
campaign medal
2nd Egyptian war 1882
John Donaghan?
 38th foot
38th Staffordshire Regiment of Foot
discharge age 44 Londonderry
13th Battalion reserve
Peninsular medal
Napoleonic wars 1793 -1815
James Donaghan 50th footmemorial 50th foot
50 th Queens Own Regiment of Foot
service 1845-1846
Killed in Action
campaign on the Sutlej 1845-46
F Donaghan Durham Militia Artillery, Edin Coy RGA
service number 2672
1;campaign medal
2;campaign medal
Fort Prospect Boar war 1901
James Dunaghan 39th foot
39th Dorsetshire Regiment of Foot
James Donaghan 53rd foot
53rd Shropshire Regiment of Foot
service 1793-1815
Neopolanic wars
Edward Donaghan 60 th foot
60 Rifles information
dob 1842
service number 665
John Donaghan 63rd 96th foot
enlisted 1823,  63rd & 96th Foot Manchester Regiment
discharged Royal Regiment of Veterans ,Chelsea Pensioner
dob 1784,Cork
P Donaghan
light infantry
83 rd & 86 th Royal Irish Rifles
service number  6471
100th & 109th foot100th 109th
100 th & 109 th Prince of Wales Leinster Regiment
service number 27816
World War 1

Prince of Wales Leinster Regiment details

Royal Irish Rifles details
P Donaghan

88th & 94th footconnaught rangers
88th Connaught Rangers
service 1911
Connaught Rangers details
Owen Donaghan 90th foothackle
Cameronians(Scottish Rifles)26th Foot & 90th Perthshire Light Infantry
enlistment age 20, Sligo
discharge age 30

service 1805 to 1816  
no-name Donaghan  rdf
102nd & 103rd Royal Dublin Fusiliers
Royal Dublin Fusiliers details
Dublin regiment
Patrick Donaghan 104th foot
104th Regiment of Foot (Bengal Fusiliers)
dob 1819, enlistment 1839, Kings(Offaly)
service number 2729
Neil Kane Donaghan 9th Battalion, Seaford Highlanders(formally Highland Light Infantry)
seaford highlanders
service number 241597
private 1917
Killed in Action
World War 1
Patrick Dunaghan
33rd 76th foot
33rd & 76th Duke of Wellington's(West Riding Regiment) of Foot
dob 1773, Armagh, enlisted 1796
Arthur Dunnaghan 64th & 69th North Staffordsghire Regiment
dob 1769, Armagh enlisted 1801
Thomas Donaghan rif
3rd Battalion,87th & 89th Royal Irish Fusiliers
service number 6185
World War 1

Royal Irish Fusiliers details
Thomas Donaghan 87th 89th
3rd Battalion,87th & 89th Royal Irish Fusiliers
dob 1879, enlistment 1905, Armagh
service number 4573
Royal Irish Fusiliers details
W Donaghan
Blackhill roll of honour
World War 1
R Donaghan,
Blackhill roll of honour
World War 1
F Donaghan Service DEO Company, Edinburgh Artillery
service number 2672
2nd Boar War 1899-1902
James Donaghan ra animated horse
Major M Clifford's Company
1st Battalion Royal Artillery
campaign medal
service 1854-1855
 Balaclava Heights 1855
James  Donaghan
raanimated horse
3rd Battalion, Royal Artillery
dob 1789, enlistment 1812, Monaghan
service 1812 - 1816
service records
John Donaghan dob 1810, age 22, 1832 32nd Foot. Deserter
32nd foot

43rd & 52nd foot
history book 43rd & 52nd (Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire)Light Infantry
Colonel in the Royal Army Medical Corps
F Donaghan
Parachute Regiment
Army air corps
service number 64880
Private 1944
A Donaghan
Royal Engineers
service number 205762
sapper 1917
John Donaghan qrihChieftain  mark 3
service number 24230656
Queens Royal Irish Hussars, B squadron 4th Troop

 b squardon qrih 72
BAOR, cold war 1971-74
8th Kings Royal Irish Hussars details
James Donaghan dob 1858, enlistment 1877, Durham
service number 733 1877,3rd Brigade  
General service Infantry 1889
Guard service infantry, 1st class army reserve