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Ireland fragmented into about (150 local kingdoms)
 named T˙atha (pronounced "Too-ha").
ulster = =  ulaidh
Carrickfergus originally named Dunsobarky forfeited lands
Coat of armsOrigins of x5 provinces Donn brown
1942 Hong Kong book spelling error Donaghan Donaghan surname variants text
Donaghans in Pennsylvania  x6   family  ref 13b Descendant of Donnach'an  O'Donnach'ain
Lord Donaghan of Loch Borralan Partial family tree Richard Donaghan/Doneghan  dob 1889
Clan Donnachie/ Duncan /Donaghan  Scots connection 2004 1660 Donaghan estate, County Monaghan
Donaghans in Ireland 1848-1864  ref 13a Gedmatch dna notes
generation 4 =  a third cousin
Thus, four generations (a third cousin)
means that your MRCA would be a great great grandparent.