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windows 7




Linux notes

  1. terminal linux boot

Windows 10

  1. Completely remove onedrive
  2. manual fix update loop
  3. Flash not needed
  4. Manually reset windows update components


Time Zones


  1. diving


  1. Weather Phrase calculator
  2. Flood Return Period Calculator
  3. Peroidic table
  4. WEP key generator
  5. Thermal noise
  6. Scientific calculator
  7. I/P address calculator
  8. Obfuscated URL calculator
  9. Lighting distance calculator
  10. Standard Time To UNIX Timestamp
  11. BPM Beats Per Minute Counter and Calculator
  12. Earthquake magnitude calculator
  13. ASCII character base converter
  14. local subnet, or the remote subnet.calculator
  15. UNIX server CHMOD calculator
  16. Broadband TCP/IP RWIN Calculator
  17. Speed of a vehicle calculator
  18. Country guess game

Shimano deraillereur instructions

Bike ice tools

1; crank remover
2; chain tool for 7 to 10 speed
3; connecting tool 8mm to 1/2 inch
4; freewheel tool foe shimano cs compatible cassettes
5; locking tool
6; 15 mm pedal wrench
7; freewheel tuner
8; bb tool for shimano hollowtech 2 compatible
9; bb tool for shimano isis drive compatible cartridge bbs
10; precise 8 groove spoke tool for 10-15g
11; t 25 torque wrench






Rent details 2017


Wii items

HP 2420n printer

  1. HP printer 2420n fuser mode
  2. HP printer menu map
  3. 2024 hp printer memory

Dell notes

  1. Clearing the NVRAM gx620 usff
  2.  Service Tag G5W1J1J?
    area 52 pc
  3. disable or enable integrity checks


  1. swap face
  2. colour changer
  3. some notes


  1. debug test
  2. Text messages in shorthand
  3. Passive FTP mode in Internet Explorer
  4. Connect Two Computers using a Crossover Cable
  5.  psi windows shell files
  6. Virginmedia router
  7. Chmod ,All Folders 755 ,All Files 644
  8. Belfast grid ▼
    05 W 55 West longitude
    54 N 35 North Latitude
  9. Cell phones serial number type → *#06#
  10. Ophicuhus 13th sign
  11. control key and c key to cut
    control key and v key to paste
  12. ehtray.exe is media center tray icon
  13. area telephone codes Northern Ireland
  14. UK area's telephone code
  15. Fix: This copy of Windows is not genuine
  16. google trackpage code
  17. Blackberry curve notes
  18. bed sheets when buying get 100% brushed cotton

Detect plugins


Android items

  1. Printer laser types
  2. Class 1. Less than 2 hundred microwatts, Intrinsically safe.
  3. Class 2. Less than 1 Milliwatt, Dazzling.
  4. Class 2A. aka, American class, Wavelength of light
  5. Class 3A. Less than 5 Millowatts, Normally not a
  6. Class 3B. Less than 0.5 watts, Hazardous even briefly,
    Protective Eye ware required.
  7. Class 4. Greater than 0.5 watts, Very Hazardous skin & fire
  8. Note for above<br />
    Some very large Class 1 printers become Class 3B during
  9. Note for above
  10. Some very large Class 1 printers become Class 3B during
  11. SMPS. Switch Mode Power Supplies, operate around 340 volts.
  12. 1 amp fuse is a slow blow fuse.
  13. Laser tubes in some printers operate around 6000 volts
  14. A laser printer fuser will burn skin if touched
  15. Selenium on the photo-receptor drum/belts are toxic

Speech Rconition

  1. Commands for clicking anywhere on the screen
  2. Commands for keyboard keys
  3. Commands for punctuation marks & special characters
  4. Commands for using common controls
  5. Commands for working with text
  6. Commands for working with windows
  7. Common commands
  8. Troubleshooting common speech reconition
  9. run command: "%Windir%\Speech\Common\sapisvr.exe" -SpeechUX -Startup
  10. File Location: %Windir%\Speech\Common\sapisvr.exe
    Startup Type: This startup entry is started automatically from a Run, RunOnce, RunServices, or RunServicesOnce entry in the registry.
  11. Note:
    %Windir% refers to the Windows installation folder.
    By default, this is C:\Windows for Windows 95/98/ME/XP/Vista/7 or C:\Winnt for Windows NT/2000.
Mu symbol
Mu keyboard shortcut is alt + 0181
 &mu friendly code
&#956 decimal code
&#x3BC   hex code
  lowercase Mu
Omega symbol Ω
Omega keyboard shortcut is Alt + 937
Ω &Omega friendly code
Ω &#969 decimal code
Ω &#x3C9 hex code
Ω    lowercase Omega