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Intelligence Quotient Percentile Chart

IQ Score RangeCategoryTypical Ability
0-24Profound Mental RetardationLimited or no ability to communicate, eat, bath, dress and toilet.
25-39Severe Mental RetardationLimited ability to communicate, eat, bath, dress and toilet. No academic skills.
40-54Moderate Mental RetardationSome independent self-help skills and very basic academic skills.
55-69Mild Mental RetardationUsually able to dress/bath independently and can do simple jobs. Elementary school academics.
70-79Border LineMay live independently with difficulties. Can perform simple and repetitive jobs.
80-89Low AverageCan complete vocational education and live independently.
90-109AverageCan complete high school graduation and college with difficulty.
110-119High AverageTypical level of college graduates.
120-129SuperiorTypical level of persons with doctoral degrees.
130-144GiftedCapable of understanding highly, complex academic material.
145-159GeniusException intellectual ability and capable of looking beyond known facts.
160-175Extraordinary geniusExtraordinary talent like Albert Einstein