Math Formulas
  Area   Area
A  = s2 The area of a square
is equal to the square of a side.
A  = 4 ϖr 2 The area of the sphere
is equal to 4 times pi times the radius squared.
A  = b ! 2 h The area of a triangle
is equal to one half the base times the height.
A  = ϖ r2 The area of a circle
is equal to the radius squared times pi.
V  = e3 The volume of a cube
equals the cube of an edge.
A  = Iw The area of a rectangle
 is equal to the length times the width.
V  = Bh The volume of a rectangle
solid or cyclinder equals the area of the base times the height.
A  = Ch The lateral  area of a cyclinder
is equal to the circumference of the base times the height.
V  = 4!3 ϖr3 The volume of a sphere
equals pi times the radius cubed.
≠ fractional notation symbol ! Factorial Sign.