Commands for working with windows in Speech Reconition
To do this Say this
Open a program Open Paint;
Open WordPad;
Open program name
Switch to an open program Switch to Paint;
Switch to WordPad;
Switch to program name;
Switch application
Close a program Close that;
Close Paint;
Close Documents
Minimize Minimize that;
Minimize Paint;
Minimize Documents
Maximize Maximize that;
Maximize Paint;
Maximize Documents
Restore Restore that;
Restore Paint;
Restore Documents
Cut Cut that;
Copy Copy that;
Paste Paste
Delete Delete that;
Undo Undo that; Scratch that;
Scroll in one direction Scroll up;
Scroll down;
Scroll right;
Scroll left
Scroll an exact distance in pages Scroll down 2 pages;
Scroll up 10 pages
Scroll an exact distance in other units Scroll up 5;
 Scroll down 7
Go to a field in a form or a program Go to field name;
Go to Subject;
Go to Address;
Go to Cc