Most commonly used commands
To do this Say this
Click any item by its name Click File;
Click any item Click Recycle Bin;
Click Computer;
Click file name
Double-click any item Double-click Recycle Bin;
Double-click Computer;
Double-click file name
Switch to an open program Switch to Paint;
Switch to WordPad;
Switch to program name;
Switch application
Scroll in one direction Scroll up;
Scroll down;
Scroll left;
Scroll right
Insert a new paragraph or new line in a document New paragraph;
New line
Select a word in a document Select word
Select a word and start to correct it Correct word
Select and delete specific words Delete word
Show a list of applicable commands What can I say?
Update the list of speech commands that are currently available Refresh speech commands
Make the computer listen to you Start listening
Make the computer stop listening Stop listening
Move the Speech Recognition microphone bar Move speech recognition
Minimize the microphone bar Minimize speech recognition
View Windows Help and Support content about specific tasks How do I do something?
For example, say “How do I install a printer?” and a list of help topics is returned.
Note that this command is only available if you're using the U.S. English Speech Recognizer.