Laser Weapon Calculator

Enter an appropriate wave length, lens radius, laser power output, beam duration, and duty cycle of the beam. Fill in the Armor parameters, then simulate the laser fire. Note: You can alter the ranges as well, then re-run the simulation.

Weapon Parameters
Wavelength m
Radius of lens m
Laser Output Power MW
Beam Duration s
Duty Cycle ratio on:off

Armor Parameters
Atomic Mass
Density g/cm3
Molar Volume cm3
Heat of Fusion kj/mol
Heat of Vaporization kj/mol

Simulate Laser Fire
Armor Rating in MW/cm2 Armor Hardness in kj/cm3
Range to Target in meters Beam Radius at target in m MegaWatts/cm2 Megajoules/cm2 Armor thickness vaporized (mm)

Power Plant Requirements
Laser Efficency
Waste Heat MWseconds per firing.
Average Power Output MW
Peak Power Output MW