Prosigns Sign Code Meaning
Space down one line (new line) (also, "ä" (a with umlaut) in some countries)
On typewriter; Carriage Return, Line Feed (CR-LF).
Stop copying (end of message) Often written + "All Received"
AS ·-···
Wait. AS2 means wait two minutes, AS5 five minutes, etc.
Respond with C (Confirmed) or R (Received).
For pauses of 10 minutes or longer, use QRX (see Q code) "Just A Sec"
BK -···-·-
BreaK Indicates "BacK-to-you". Used for fast exchange between two stations.
BT -···-
Space down two lines (new paragraph) Often written =,
On typewriter; Carriage Return, Line Feed, Line Feed (CR-LF-LF) "Begin Two lines"
CL -·-··-··
CLosing down I am going off the air now "CLear"
CT -·-·-
Attention, Commencing Transmission Sometimes written as KA "Copy This"
DO -··---
Shift to wabun code
KN -·--·
 Invitation to a specific named station to transmit "Go ahead,
Named station" or "go oNly",
 signifying that only the specifically called station should reply "oK, Named-station"
SK ···-·-
End of contact Sometimes written as VA "Silent Key"
SN ···-·
Understood (also, "I made error, will trasmit previous word again" in some cases)
Sometimes written as VE "Sho' 'Nuff"
SOS ···---···
Serious distress message and request for urgent assistance
(About this sound listen (help·info)) Emergency signal,
must ONLY be used if there is imminent danger to life or destruction of property.