Troubleshooting common Speech Recognition problems
Computer doesn’t understand your spoken commands
These are possible causes of this problem:
The microphone isn't close enough to pick up your voice.
Make sure that the microphone is positioned close enough and that you're speaking directly into it.
The microphone is muted. Some microphones have an external control for muting.
Make sure the mute control is turned off.
The microphone input level is too low. Make sure the microphone input level is set properly.
The microphone connections aren't properly attached.
Make sure the microphone wires are intact and unbroken.
Make sure the connections aren't loose and that they fit tightly into the computer.
A different microphone is selected for use with Speech Recognition.
If you have more than one microphone installed on your computer,
 the wrong one might be selected for use with Speech Recognition.
Make sure you're using the microphone selected for Speech Recognition.
To change which microphone is used with Speech Recognition
1. Click on Start button and open Control Panel.
2. Select the Sound option and open it.
a. Click the Recording tab.
b. Select the microphone you want to use with Speech Recognition, and then click Set Default.
3. A voice profile hasn't been created. You can train your computer to better understand you by creating a voice profile that your computer uses to recognize spoken commands.
To create a voice profile
1. Click on Start button and open Control Panel.
2. Now open Speech Recognition.
3. Click Train your computer to better understand you,
and then follow the instructions in the Speech Recognition Voice Training wizard.
4. Speech Recognition doesn't recognize the commands you're using.
Familiarize yourself with the commands that Speech Recognition recognizes
Check the information that came with the microphone for additional troubleshooting information. Common troubleshooting steps include making certain the sound card for the computer is properly installed and that the correct drivers are available.