1000 years
pre 1000 actual 1000 post 1000
events at the  second comming of Christ events during the  thousand years events after the thousand years
(The first resurrection)
For all those who died believing in Christ
(Gods people)
are now priests of God
& reign with Jesus
The New Jerusalem arrives from
Heavon to earth
All who believe in Jesus,
the living
the resurected
Jesus takes to heavon
Judging the wicked people
Satan and his legions of nephilim
(The second resurrection)
the wicked resurrected to life
(The first death)
All wicked people  destroyed
(via the brightness of Christ)
Earth is now
lifeless.a bottomless pit
Satan is released(un chained)
Satan is bound to earth All the wicked remain dead
the complete 1000 years
Satan ,nephilim,wicked people
attack the New Jerusalem
The rest of the dead remain in their graves
(The first death)
Satan is bound(chained) Satan,nephilim,wicked people
are judged and destroyed via fire
(The second death)
creates new Heavons and a  Earth