vbs files
yesterday.vbs x12xml.vbs test.vbs
week.vbs x12csv.vbs truernd.vbs
vbsedver.vbs whoiscls.vbs wshNetwork.vbs
vbs2cmd.vbs whois.vbs Dim Intage.vbs
showprnt.vbs whoiscom.vbs cputype.vbs
servicetd.vbs utc2iso.vbs cpuspeed.vbs
services.vbs sendclip.vbs cpuload.vbs
rndcomp.vbs regmcmdrestore.vbs text-spammer.vbs
rndclass.vbs reg2vbs.vbs long and short variable.vbs
pingu.vbs reg2scr.vbs accessing arrays with subscripts.vbs
islaptop.vbs nswhois.vbs next loop.vbs
icountry.vbs mdacver.vbs loop inside a loop.vbs
date2utc.vbs easter.vbs system beep.vbs
date2iso canonrep.vbs keep original value and add additional text.vbs
allhelp.vbs uptime.vbs look up extensions.vbs
nicspeed.vbs Initializing the variable.vbs open cd tray.vbs
prank.vbs ip.vbs bios.vbs
another literal static data.vbs ghost.vbs greetings.vbs
vartest.vbs value true literal.vbs assigned variable value.vbs
ansichrcode.vbs ChechRes.vbs alertvirus.vbs
comports.vbs funny.vbs anything.vbs
vbs-files/text spamer.vbs.vbs wshver.vbs wpepdf.vbs
startup.vbs wininver.vbs stardate.vbs
delayflash.vbs delayrun.vbs delayrun.vbs
videorom.vbs physmem.vbs actualvir.vbs
deltrash.vbs workgroup.vbs purgecach.vbs
sorttime.vbs sortdate.vbs tomorrow.vbs
printpdf.vbs leapyear.vbs runnhide.vbs