External Radiation Dose Calculator

(Virtual Geiger Counter)

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Example data sets set Shield layers=1 and appropriate source mode first
Number of Shield layers Point Source Shielding in free air
48Y Cylinder with Heels from UF6_nat
30B Cylinder with Heels from UF6_enr
DU bullet buried in soil
Volume Source Uranium mill tailings cover
48Y Cylinder with UF6_nat
30B Cylinder with UF6_enr
Reprocessed uranium storage
Depleted uranium storage
Cosmic Radiation Parameters
Altitude [m above sea level]
Latitude [°]
Indoor: Shielding factor

Geometry Parameters
y - Distance of receptor from x-axis [cm] - or - b - Distance of receptor from shield rear surface [cm]

Output Parameters
Dose Options Graph Detail Result Detail
Terrestrial gamma dose coeff. in air [Sv/Gy]
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y Raster width [pixel]
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Dose from each layer:
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